Automate, Rationalize & Transform The Way Business Is Managed Embracing Latest Technology And Business Models. 

An integrated suite of industry specific solutions, built on a leading enterprise business application platform empowering organizations with capabilities traditionally limited to tier-1 companies but at fraction of time, cost and complexity.

BART Offers a Unique Approach to Automate and Improve Operational Efficiency.

BART is designed ground up to ensure seamless flow of information across various functions and processes, improving operational efficiency as well as accessibility to accurate information. Its built-in integration capabilities ensures a NON-INTRUSIVE approach to seamlessly integrate existing tools & processes, leveraging business knowledge and information already available in those systems. 

A Low Risk, Accelerated Approach to Modernize & Rationalize Application Portfolio Maximizing Value of IT Investment

BART offers an accelerated, low risk approach for organizations to modernize existing legacy applications as well as to consolidate application portfolio to standardize and reduce cost of maintenance, training while minimizing patch-work with-in the IT infrastructure 

Driving Innovation & Differentiation to Stay Ahead of Technology Curve Ensuring Competitiveness

Powered by a proven enterprise class scalable technology stack, BART offers a highly configurable and agile environment for businesses to continuously refine and align their applications with business needs while accelerating adoption of capabilities such as Cloud, Mobility, etc…

Professional Service Automation

Professional Service Automation
Assisting organizations and professionals to manage service engagements from bid to bill
  • Templatized Contract Management - such as MSA, SOW, Project Plan, etc..
  • Workflow Automation & SLA Management,  
  • Controlled Collaboration & Knowledge Management,
  • Manage Requirements, Estimation, Deliverables,
  • Manage Resource, Schedule, Budget,
  • Documentation, Reporting and Analysis, etc....

Employee LIfecycle Management

Employee LIfecycle Management
A people centric platform to managing employee lifecycle from hire to exit
  • Collaborative infrstructure to manage hire-to-exit process,
  • Integrated learning and training management system,
  • Goals driven performance and succession management,
  • Multiilocation and mmultisite capability to manage globally distributed teams
  • Socially aware and mobility enabled employee portal,
  • Atendance and leave management, 
  • Employee database management

Customer Lifecycle Management

Customer Lifecycle Management
Integrated functions leveraging collaboration, cloud, mobility to improve customer engagement from identification to partnering
  • Lead to Order Management - Prospecting, Qualification, Quote Proposal Management, Discounting
  • Order to Cash Management - Purchase / Sales Order, Invoicing, 
  • Sales forecasting & incentive management
  • Channel Management, Portfolio Management, Inventory & SCM
  • Collaborative Customer Engagement Portal
  • Rules driven discounting process
  • Return Material Management, etc....

Affordable, Adaptable, Extendable

Built on Proven & Comprehensive Technology Platform


Delivered on Cloud, OnPremise or hybrid model

An integrated stack of solutions, adopted by global enterprises as well as mid-market customers, BART solutions are delivered on a flexible OnPremise, Cloud, or hybrid model accelerating key initiatives through rapid, low cost, low risk adoption models.

Highly Customizable

An integrated model driven development environment offering comprehensive capabilities such as process automation, rules engine, reporting, analytics, portal infrastructure, etc... BART solutions can cater to varying and complex needs of an organization eliminating technology, skills and cost barriers.

Multisite Architecture

An integrated stack of solutions, adopted by global enterprises as well as mid-market customers, BART solutions are delivered on a flexible OnPremise, Cloud, or hybrid model accelerating key initiatives through rapid, low cost, low risk adoption models.

Multi-channel Delivery

Enabled for multichannel delivery spanning, phone, computer as well as the web, BART solutions are accessible virtually anywhere seamlessly integrating people and process.
BART is a goal centric business solution suite automating management of people, process and performance across some of the most common processes in any organization.
Security / Accessibility
Enforce granular control over who can see what, when, from which device and do what with it.
Security level for BART
Manage organizational reporting Hierarchy & Responsibility
Pluggable authentication (ADS/LDAP/OAuth/Devices)
Extend security to mobile devices
Secure two factor authentication
Built-in auditing ensuring compliancy and reporting
Integration / Migration
  • Point and click integration capability enabled by underlying platform to integrate BART with existing solutions
  • Built-in model driven data transformation infrastructure to migrate and transform data
  • Built-in template based import infrastructure to selective import data from external system using standard formats
  • Out-of-the-box support to integrate with some of the industry leading technology and tools
Office outlook integration to improve automation, collaboration
Excel integration for easy offline reporting and analysis capability,
Utilize complete bi-directional integration with Microsoft Project.
Interface with any ERP using an extendable integration middleware