A customer centric collaborative decision management platform to manage activities spanning diverse functions & departments all through the lifecycle of a customer 

With its unified approach to managing client engagement spread over multiple phases from prospecting to partnering, BART CLM ensure seamless flow of information enhancing responsiveness and offers a collaborative multichannel approach to managing engagement.

A leading infrastructure company managing multibillion dollar projects adopts mobile and cloud enabled BART technology to manage its customer lifecycle 

Ensuring seamless flow of information across diverse functions from prospecting to managing financial transaction enabled customer to see benefits such as -  Reducing response times to key leads, improved conversion percentage, enhancing customer experience, shortening payment recovery cycle, improving contract generation and verification process, etc…
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BART CLM is a collaborative platform to manage customer lifecycle integrating numerous functions which have varying levels of touch point with customers, from identification to mature stagesof engagement such as co-development or co-creation of value.

Seamless flow of information across numerous function improving decision making as well as business outcome 

Anywhere Anytime Collaboration capability encouraging and promoting knowledge creation and information sharing accelerating the maturity in customer engagement

Proactive rules driven system improving response to key events enhancing customer experience

Your business is unique, BART is built on a highly extendable and customizable technology stack accelerating your innovation and differentiation 
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Contact Management
Portfolio Management
Sales & Incentive Management
Sales Planing & Forecasting
Prospect Management
Lead to Cash Management
Knowledge Management and Colloboration
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Contact Management
BART CLM includes a centralized infrastructure to manage all details pertaining to accounts & contacts which would assist in ensuring informed decision making in all stages of customer engagement. .
Configurable territory and channel management enables optimal and controlled access to relevant information with built-in enterprise search capability offering an easy one click approach to locate and access information pertaining to contacts and customers
  • Hierarchical organization structure comprising of business units, divisions, group companies, etc… which could be spread across the globe. 
  • Email integration to initiate and track email correspondence, 
  • Enabled for Mobility for easy access to key information, 
  • Integrated task and calendaring management, 
  • User group & network management, 
  • Social network integration
Portfolio Management
BART CLM Portfolio Management is a configurable capability to manage product and service portfolio. Solution includes built-in capability to centrally develop and manage artifacts such as technical specifications, marketing collaterals, competition information, customer case studies, etc… 
Built-in pricing module offers a flexible approach to establish price books with varying packaging options which could be market specific, customer specific, etc… 
Configurable discounting rules infrastructure ensures a controlled and calculated process to offer product/service at the right cost to suite the dynamic sales scenario without compromising alignment to corporate strategy. 
Sales & Incentive Management
Given the nature of the activity, sales function in every industry segment is incentive driven, and managing the process of setting the goals as well as transparent mechanism to arrive at corresponding incentive is a challenge most organization face.
BART CLM includes a configurable top-down approach to setting sales goal as well as a comprehensive rules driven incentive module which offers every team member a real time as is view into the incentives earned at all times. 
Sales Planing & Forecasting
BART CLM includes an integrated module to enable sales team to plan, monitor and track sales plan across organization. Some of the key capabilities include - 
A territory & product centric based with a top-down or bottom-up approach to plan and track sales activities engages individuals at all levels throughout the sales cycle. 
  • Role based hierarchical review and approval process ensures alignment to corporate goals at all levels.
  • Flexible short term (1 to 3 years) and long term (5 year) planning infrastructure is adaptable by organization of any sizes.  
Prospect Management
BART Prospect Management System allows organizations to manage customer identification (Target)&profiling, mapping capability to needs or establishing interest resulting in customer acquisition for products &/or services.
Built-in territory and sales organization management combined with rules driven policy enforcement ensures optimal handling of prospects. BART PMS includes -
  • Integrated collateral management capability to develop and deliver compelling information to engage prospects in various stages.
  • Built-in questionnaire support to manage information gathering assisting in qualification.
  • Action guide for each stage in the engagement lifecycle.
  • Built-in task management and calendaring system to ensure timely & proactive response to key events.
  • Seamless integration with collaboration and productivity tools like email.
Lead to Cash Management
One of the most crucial processes in the customer lifecycle is the lead-to-cash workflow which begins with identification of a qualified lead as part of prospecting process and leads to closure of the order.
At the heart of BART CLM is a comprehensive proposal system with rules driven discounting engine. 
  • Portfolio management with integrated pricing and BOM
  • Policy and customer-centric product pricing management
  • Auto generation and management of quotes across the globe through a centralized system
  • Roles, Responsibilities, and Rules based multi-level approval process
  • Dynamically configurable portfolio management supporting rapid personalization of products
  • Printable quotes in various formats
  • Top-down goal setting, bottom-up forecasting, and tracking
  • Integrated planning and distribution tracking
  • Integration with industry leading SCM systems
BART CLM includes capabilities which enable organization to manage their marketing activities in a centralized manner. Some of the unique capabilities include – 
  • Budgeting, forecasting and managing marketing activities, 
  • Planning and executing marketing events which could range from simple email campaign to managing corporate events
  • Integrated expense and spend management with built-in authority based approval process
Knowledge Management and Colloboration
At the core of BART CLM is the customer engagement module which offers a collaborative interface to manage & engage customers in knowledge development & sharing process – 
  • Discussion forums, Blogs, Wiki
  • Content and document Management, 
  • Live & context sensitive chat infrastructure, 
  • Community and user groups infrastructure, 
  • Networking capability such as recommendation, rating of content, 
  • Polls, Survey & feedback infrastructure, etc….
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