BART- Professional Service Automation
An end-to-end solution to manage any service oriented customer engagement form bid-to-bill spanning contract management, project management, resource management as well as project financial management functions
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A leading healthcare solution provider adopts BART PSA to manage its product development as well as its service delivery function

Automating processes from bid to bill, client leveraged the unique templatized BART PSA enabled project management system to improve how they managed their requirement, estimation, gaps, defects, release process as well as ensured accurate T&M based billing/invoicing on a timely manner. BART PSA ensured better access, control and traceability of information improving adherence to companywide policies

 BART introduces dynamic report management module.

BART introduces dynamic report management module enabling rapid development of templatized reports using a simple to use interface. With BART Dynamic Report module, it would just be a matter of few button clicks to standardize on documents such as SOW, MSA, Project Plans, etc… Some of the capabilities enabled by this module include customizable workflow, configurable checklists, digital signing, auditing and change tracking, automated and accurate information flow from related functions either managed with BART or through pluggable external systems, etc…
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BART- PSA is designed to improve the way business can be managed while optimally leveraging investment made on existing tools,available skills as well as business knowledge gained. Though BART is extensible to include any and all process as well as integrate with existing tools,current out-of-the-box version of BART is being modeled to manage & integrate following processes in an orgaization.

Mobility enabled solution improving productivity by enabling key project management activities to be performed & tracked from anywhere & at any time

Built-in integration with Microsoft EPM & other productivity tools like Microsoft Office Suite, Outlook with two way synchronization option  

Flexible delivery model either on the cloud as a service or OnPremise, BART PSA is designed ground-up for high level of scalability and adaptability 

Project By Design, enabling templatized project management capability catering to projects of varying kinds and complexity
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Contract Management
Requirement Management
Project Portal
Portfolio Management
Design & Use Case Management
Resource Management
Activity/Task & Change Management
Meeting Management
Timesheet Management
Document Management
Reporting / Analysis Management
Test Management
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Contract Management
Templatized contracting process, establishing clear and well defined contracts governing service engagement of varying types. Built-in rules infrastructure ensures improved overall engagement governance, as well as integrate with other modules to achieve revenue tracking, renewal management, automated reporting & analysis .
Integration with employee lifecycle management, resource management, milestones/deliverables, billing, and customer engagement management ensures seamless & error free flow of information.
A point and click approach to defining dynamic templates to accelerate customer onboarding as well as ensuring consistency in the contracting process.      
Requirement Management
Manage requirement identification, analysis, gap identification, estimation, review and approval processes. Optimal traceability between requirements, design, test, development as well as quality artifacts.  Seamless interface with a customer service portal ensuring optimal collaboration all through requirement management process.  Built-in analytics to monitor and control requirement volatility, coverage, completeness, etc… 
Seamless interface with a customer service portal ensuring optimal collaboration all through requirement management process. 
Built-in analytics to monitor and control requirement volatility, coverage, completeness, etc…
Project Portal
BART PSA includes a role & responsibility based collaborative project dashboard which allows every stakeholder to work with projects artifacts as well as collaborate with other members of the team/customer in real-time.  

Active workspace  concept enabling process centric event driven controlled delivery of information to all stakeholders in real-time. Integrated context sensitive chat infrastructure to ensure optimal response time to key events & auditing of all communications.
Portfolio Management
Integrated approach to managing product portfolio in case of product centric service engagement improving collaborative innovation & co-creation.  

Ensure controlled and optimal participation from product team in service delivery leading to maturity in portfolio.  Enhanced utilization & knowledge sharing across product and service teams leading to improved quality of deliverable  
Design & Use Case Management
Enabling usecase based approach to managing development lifecycle capturing  details associated with one or more requirements as use cases, and mapping those to other execution time artifacts such as test cases, resources, defects, to ensure end-to-end traceability 
Extendable infrastructure to import design specifications from word documents following standard templates.
Integrated document management system to manage design artifacts with customizable review/approval process. Rules driven checklist infrastructure to facilitate checks and controls over design process.
Resource Management
Integration with leave management and attendance management system to enhance planning and availability tracking to respond to planned and unplanned events. 
Manage allocation of resources across projects & deliverables, increasing utilization & billability.
  • Plan and manage resource requirement & fulfillment  
  • Real time analyze of work allocation  to visually balance work load across projects
  • Role based rate cards to optimally plan, monitor and control project costs  
Activity/Task & Change Management
Having a projects constitutes coordinating a large number of activities and tasks that run into hundreds. Keeping track of all these tasks is not only difficult but runs the risk of exceeding the time limitations set for each task. 
  • Managing change is one of the most crucial aspect of any service engagement leading to scope creep, cost overrun, stakeholder  dissatisfaction, etc… pQube change management offers customizable review/approval workflow to ensure control over all changes, 
  • Supports customized ‘Q’s to manage various tasks/activities/CRs
  • Integration with time management to track , monitor and control planned and actual effort 
Meeting Management
Enabling and managing collaboration among project team members is crucial to achieve team goals and successful completion of tasks. These collaboration could be in-person, offline or online, but structured management of these ensure optimal outcome.   
pQube meeting management module enables organizations to streamline how team meetings are planned, conducted and monitored.  

Plan & track meetings in terms of schedule, agenda, facility, documents, action items, etc..   
Timesheet Management
An online easy to use time recording system that enables users to enter and track hours worked on projects. 
Track planned/unplanned activities, Manage billability at micro level and Configurable multi-level Approval workflows.
  • Configurable reports for project billing & monitoring 
    • TimeSheet Summary   
    • Consolidated Report   
    • Time Short Fall Report   
    • Time Audit Report 
    • Supervisor Comments   
    • Consolidated Time entry, etc…
  • Analyze deviation in estimations and monitor project cost
Document Management
BART Document Management includes a centralized repository where you can create and store document templates, collateral documents, and much more.  An inbuilt version control system ensures the consistency of all documents; and you can easily retrieve and share documents across the organization.  
Key features: Version Control, Central Repository, Backup and Recovery, Secured Acces, Content Search and Retrieval 
The solution includes visibility properties that control the access of documents, and a rule based configurable review/approval workflow on documents.  
Reporting / Analysis Management
Extensive reporting capability with rich designer for formatted reports and rapid personalization of pre-defined reports -   
  • Dynamic reporting  with multi-level highlighly configurable and context aware drill-down capability
  • Formatted reporting such as invoice, activity report, etc…
  • Personalized reports to assist in rapid decision making
  • Policy driven distribution of pre-formatted reports at regular intervals to key stakeholders 
Test Management
Rule based granular user rights management to define what one can see what, from where, when and do with information pertaining to the  project.  
Roles, Responsibilities and rules based security model controlling who-can-see-what-and-do-what within the system
  • Pluggable authentication (ADS/LDAP/Custom)
  • Role and Responsibility based access to relevant information pertaining to the project
  • Rules, Roles & Responsibility based access control
  • Offline capability for mobile teams,
  • Multisite for globally distributed teams,
  • Web based interface for improved accessibility
  • Manage reporting structure and project based responsibilities
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